DSS to Wave Converter is a simple software utility that performs conversion of DSS fies to Wave format. DSS is an acronym for Digital Speech Standard, an audio file format.  DSS was jointly developed by Olympus, Grundig and Phillips in 1994. The DSS format is maintained by the International Voice Association (IVA). The IVA was founded by Grundig, Olympus and Philips to ensure that all specifications are defined according to the standard. Dictaphone,  Grundig, Olympus and Philips use the Digital Speech Standard file format (.dss) in their handheld audio recorders.

DSS files cannot be played in most industry standard audio players such as Windows Media Player by Microsoft. However, wave files can be played in all industry standard audio players. DSS to Wave Converter performs conversion of DSS audio files to the industry standard wave format so the audio content of DSS files can be played in all audio players.

Starting with DSS Converter version 2009.01, DSS Converter supports DSS Pro files that are produced by the latest professional digital voice recorders such as the Olympus DS-5000 and Philips LFH-9600. The DSS Pro file format is not supported by many existing transcription software programs. With DSS File Converter, you can convert existing DSS Pro files (*.ds2) into Wave files (*.wav) for universal compatibility across all transcription software and media player software.

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