Turbo Dictation Software version 2009.03 was released on 5/21/09. For more information see the Turbo Dictation History file.



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Turbo Dictation software is a complete digital dictation software solution providing functions for transcription, recording and dictation file management. It works with digital handheld recorders, PC Microphones and USB foot pedals. It satisfies the needs of authors (such as lawyers and doctors), transcriptionists and office administrators.

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Turbo Dictation Software

Dictation authors, such as lawyers, doctors and accountants, use Turbo Dictation system to create digital dictation files directly from the software or use digital files created with a portable digital recorder. Transcriptionists use Turbo Dictation to transcribe digital dictation. Administrators use Turbo Dictation to monitor and assign digital dictation workflow. Authors, transcriptionists and administrators can view the status of dictation assignments at any time simply by viewing the dictation status window. Dictation assignments can be sorted on a number of criteria including the date submitted, date due, priority, dictation type, matter ID, matter name and file name. The Turbo Dictation player can be controlled with a configurable set of hot-keys or with a USB foot pedal. Dictation assignments can be managed remotely by an admistrator or directly by the transcriptionist. Central configuration makes management and support by administrators simple because physical access to user's computers is not required. Authors can send dictation to transcriptionists via the network, FTP, email, removable flash drives or Citrix. When a new dictation assignment arrives a notification window pops-up in the lower right hand corner of the transcriptionists' computer screen alerting the user that new dictation is ready for transcription.

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